Educational Activity Boxes

Helping you to create a learning experience that is fun, engaging and educational for 3-5 year olds

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Getting your child school-ready

The Peggy Orange boxes have been designed to give you the tools and correct guidance to prepare your child for school. Through carefully selected learning objectives and activities, and providing a positive learning experience, you are helping your child to develop the confidence and skills necessary to achieve their age-related ‘Early Learning Goals’.

Monthly Themes

Each box is based on a different theme, immersing your child in a fun and engaging experience throughout the month. With book recommendations and talking points to go alongside each theme, you can create a unique learning environment at home. 

Eight Activities

The eight activities are designed to support your child's learning, but most importantly to be fun! Providing more activities than other leading brands, there is enough to keep your child busy throughout the month as well as develop their skills across each area of learning. 

Six Areas of Learning

The boxes have been carefully designed to ensure your child has the opportunity to develop their skills across six different areas of learning, including, maths, English, investigation, art and design, physical skills and expression. 

Teaching Guide

The easy-to-follow instruction cards are packed full of information and questions so you, the parent, become the teacher and can help your child get the most out of the activities and encourage them to become independent learners.

Educate. Play. Learn.