Unexpectedly Educational Board Games For Games Night

With so many kids learning from home, it is always important to mix up how you are teaching your children. The more engaging a particular way of learning is, the better the lessons learned will stick.

A family games night is a great opportunity to not only have fun but help teach a range of subjects and practice what kids have learned from school and educational activity boxes.

A study on how games help us learn found that they can provide a 23 per cent increase in development compared to traditional learning methods.

Here are some games you may not expect to be as educational as they are.


​Hoot Owl Hoot

This classic colour matching game is a great way to learn how to work together and teaches colour matching and simple strategy.

The goal is to get every owl from the start to their nest before sunrise by drawing colour cards and moving to that specific space, and whilst every player gets their turn, it is all about community and fun.


​Snakes and Ladders

This classic race to the finish board game has endured for decades in the classroom, with very good reason. It’s simple, colourful, highly versatile and so many variants have been made that it is easy to find.

It is very simple to play and teaches basic addition by having players move between one and six spaces.

You can even make your own board by getting a large piece of craft paper, making a 100 square grid numbered from 1 to 100 and drawing a bunch of snakes and ladders on it.


​Boggle Junior

Boggle is a classic, fast-paced vocabulary building game, but its junior counterpart is very good at helping to teach new words.

You get eight dice and a picture card which you put into the tray. Your child then has to use the dice to spell out the right word. With scope for three and four-letter words, it is a great way to introduce new words to your child in a fun tactile way.