Our Mission

To give parents all the tools and confidence they need to have an impact on their child's early education and know they are teaching them in the correct way.

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” – Chinese Proverb

As a mum of a 4 year old daughter and a 1 year old son, I know what it is like to be juggling work and life, as well as trying to be a ‘fun’ mum setting up activities and supporting their education. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as with many other parents around the country, I suddenly took on a new role to my daughter (who was 3 at the time) – I wasn’t just mummy anymore, I was her teacher too.

I've been a primary school teacher for 10 years, but there is something very special about helping your own child recognise numbers or learn to write their name. My daughter's desire to learn from my fun and educational activities filled me with pride, and as I began sharing my activities with other parents of young children, they made me realise I could help many others in the same situation, so that’s why I started Peggy Orange.

And who, or rather, what is Peggy Orange? Coined by my Caribbean grandmother, ‘peggy orange’ is what we call a specific way of segmenting orange pieces. It may be a strange family tradition, but it was something I always loved eating as a child, especially when the oranges were shipped in from the Caribbean!

Peggy Orange is also proud to be donating 50p from every box to 'Education Support', a charity who are dedicated to supporting the mental wellbeing of those working in education.